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Genital appendages of the male that are divided into the external and internal mera (parts).(plural paramera)

Paired sclerites on each side of the epiproct. They cover and protect the sides of the anus.

The second antennal segment, between the scape and the flagellum

The egg cell's cytoplasm is usually distributed in a thin band just inside the vitelline membrane (where it is commonly called periplasm).

peritrophic membrane
A semipermeable membrane lining the midgut that protects the delicate digestive cells without inhibiting absorption of nutrient molecules. It consists of chitin fibrils embedded in a protein-carbohydrate matrix.

In male genitalia, the support for the aedeagus (the male copulatory organ)

Tiny hair-like projections or surface sculpturing of the cuticle are known as microtrichae or pile. These acellular structures consist of a solid core of exocuticle covered by a thin layer of epicuticle.

pleural wing process
In thoracic segments that bear wings, the pleural apodeme runs dorsally into the pleural wing process, a finger-like sclerite that serves as a pivot or fulcrum for the base of the wing.

The lateral plate of each insect segment -- it is usually divided by a pleural suture into at least two sclerites:; an anterior episternum and a posterior epimeron.

The terminal segment of the tarsus and any other structures attached to it.

A multi-layered region of the exoskeleton that lies immediately above the epidermis. It contains microfibers of chitin surrounded by a matrix of protein that varies in composition from insect to insect and even from place to place within the body of a single insect.

prothoracic glands
A pair of endocrine glands found in the prothorax (behind the head) that manufacture ecdysteroids ("molting hormones")