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Pupal body type called a chrysalis. Developing appendages (antennae, wings, legs, etc.) are held tightly against the body by a shell-like casing. Often found enclosed within a silken cocoon. Example: Butterflies and moths

A sclerite that circles the foramen magnum and forms the posterior surfaces of the head capsule

Three "simple" eyes, one adjacent to each compound eye and one in the central groove

Production of an öotheca is a special adaptation found only in the cockroaches and praying mantids. The female's reproductive system secretes a special capsule around her eggs. This structure, known as an öotheca, may be dropped on the ground, glued to a substrate, or retained within the female's body.

The type of reproduction occurring in most insects in which life begins as an independent egg.

The female's ovipositor is used to lay eggs. It consists of two large pairs of valvulae for digging into the soil and a smaller pair of valvulae for manipulating the egg during oviposition.