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A tube-like organ which enters the female's body during copulation (like a penis)

Microscopic pores in the chorion that allow respiratory exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide with relatively little loss of water.

adjective - refers to insects where adults and nymphs are wingless, and there is no visible change in form between the stages, other than in size. Ametabolous development occurs in the wingless insects apterogytes and in other groups that undergo simple metamorphosis where the adults are wingless (1). ametabola refers to this group of insects (sometimes called apterogytes), includes: Zygentoma - Silverfish Microcoryphia - Bristletails

A ridge-like ingrowth of the exoskeleton that supports the internal organs and provides the attachment points for the muscles.

Physical separation of the epidermis from the old endocuticle during molting.

Finger-like invaginations of exoskeleton; an elongate apodeme (an internal projection of the exoskeleton)