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malpighian tubules
A multitude of long, spaghetti-like structures that extend throughout most of the abdominal cavity where they serve as excretory organs, removing nitrogenous wastes (principally ammonium ions, NH4+) from the hemolymph. The toxic NH4+ is quickly converted to urea and then to uric acid by a series of chemical reactions within the Malpighian tubules.

A pair of highly sclerotized, unsegmented "jaws" located between the labrum and maxillae

Pair of mouthparts located just behind the mandibles. They help manipulate the food and include a pair of maxillary palps that are sensory in function.

In embryonic development, the germ layer giving rise to the heart, blood, circulatory system, muscles, endocrine glands, fat body, and gonads (ovaries and testes).

A special opening near the anterior end of the chorion that serves as a gateway for entry of sperm during fertilization.

The periodic formation of new exoskeleton, often accompanied by structural changes in the body wall and other organs, followed by ecdysis (the shedding of old exoskeleton)