Pronunciation:  [Li·bell⋅UL⋅i·dae]

Common Name:  Common Skimmers

Description:   The skimmers are the largest family of dragonflies, and include most of our familiar species.   They can be recognized by a notch on the posterior margin of the eyes and a foot-shaped anal loop in the hindwing.   Many species have patterned wings and distinctive colors on the thorax and abdomen.   They generally prefer still water, like ponds or lakes, although some live near streams or rivers.

Spot ID Key Characters:

  1. Triangles in front and hind wings are dissimilar in size, shape, or orientation
  2. Anal loop of hind wing is foot-shaped with a distinct “heel” and “toe”
  3. Notch on posterior side of compound eye

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Order:  Odonata