Pronunciation:  [Note·oh·DON-ti⋅dee]

Common Name:  Prominents

Description:    Adult notodontids are medium-sized moths with mottled gray or brown coloration.   At rest, wings are held tent-like over the body or rolled along the sides to resemble a stick.   The name “prominent” refers to a tuft of hair on the inner side of the forewing that projects upward at rest in many species.

Larvae are often oddly shaped or brightly colored and some are serious forest pests.

Spot ID Key Characters:

  1. Antennae filiform or pectinate
  2. Both front and hind wings have trifid venation
  3. Tympana present on third thoracic segment (opens downward)
  4. Sc + R1 vein is unbranched and separate from Rs

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Order:  Lepidoptera