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Common Name:  Loopers, Owlet moths, and Cutworm Moths

Description:  Noctuidae is the largest family in the order Lepidoptera, with over 2,500 species in the United States and Canada. They have filiform antennae, an unbranched subcosta, and three medio-cubital veins that reach the distal margin of the hind wing.   In most species the pattern of the front wings is much more complex than that of the hind wings.  Most members of this family are nocturnal.  They have tympanal organs (ears) located at the base of the hind wings to help detect and avoid bats.

Spot ID Key Characters:

  1. Antennae filiform
  2. Front wings mottled brown in color
  3. Hind wings differ from front wings in color and/or pattern
  4. Unbranched subcosta (Sc) arises near base of hind wing
  5. Three medio-cubital veins reach distal margin of hind wing

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Order:  Lepidoptera

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