Pronunciation:  [Lie·SEE⋅ni·dee]

Common Name:  Blues, Coppers, and Hairstreaks

Description:  Lycaenids are small, delicate butterflies that are often distinctively marked with iridescent blue, red, or orange.  Hairstreaks usually have wispy tail filaments at the back of their hind wings.  In most members of this family, the antennae are conspicuously marked with alternating black and white bands.  The head is relative narrow and the tops of the compound eyes often wrap slightly around the base of the antennae.

Spot ID Key Characters:

  1. Antennae marked with alternating white and black bands
  2. Wing color iridescent blue, copper, or bronze
  3. Compound eyes indented near base of antennae

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Order:  Lepidoptera