Pronunciation:  [Laz·eeo·CAMP·i·dee]

Common Name:  Tent caterpillars and lappet moths

Description:   Most tent caterpillars are drab, brown moths with hairy bodies.  The proboscis is vestigal (adults do not feed).  The antennae are bipectinate (comb-like) in both sexes.  Larvae are colorful, longitudinally striped, and densely hairy.  Many species build communal webs (“tents”) in host trees.

Spot ID Key Characters:

  1.  Humeral area of hind wings is enlarged.  Frenulum absent.
  2.  Antennae bipectinate (comb-like) in both sexes.
  3.  R5 and M1 veins diverge beyond the discal cell

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Order:  Lepidoptera