Pronunciation:  [Dre·PAN·i·dee]

Common Name:  Hooktip moths, false owlet moths

Description:   Medium-sized, broad-winged moths with mottled gray or brown markings.  Proboscis is reduced or absent (adults do not feed).   Hind wings have quadrifid venation (M2 and M3 veins arise together near the base of the discal cell).   Sc + R1 vein of hind wing is unbranched and separate from Rs along its entire length.

  • Drepaninae (hooktip moths) have the apex of the front wing distinctly hooked.
  • Thyatirinae (false owlet moths) have a rounded apex to the front wing and resemble noctuids.

Spot ID Key Characters:

  1. Quadrifid venation in hind wings
  2. Sc + R1 vein is unbranched and separate from Rs
  3. Drepaninae have hooked forewings;  frenulum absent
  4. Thyatirinae have rounded forewings;  frenulum present

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Order:  Lepidoptera