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Pronunciation:  [Ti·FEE·i·dee]

Common Name:   Tiphiid Wasps

Description:   Members of the Tiphiidae are solitary hunting wasps.   The larvae are parasitoids of beetle larvae (mostly scarab beetles).   Adults are typically black in color with yellow banding on the thorax and abdomen.   Two posteriorly-pointing lobes on the mesosternum (between the middle coxae) are distinctive in this family.   Males (always winged) have an upcurved hook at the tip of the abdomen.


Spot ID Key Characters:

  1. Posterior-pointing lobes on mesosternum (between middle legs)
  2. Upcurved spine at tip of male abdomen
  3. Abdomen often long and slender; banded with yellow and black

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Order:  Hymenoptera