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Common Name:  ants

Description:  Ants can be found in many different types of habitats and are considered to be among the most successful of all of the insect groups.   Colonies of ants vary in size and operate within a three-caste system.  The ants are distinguished by elbowed antennae and a peduncle that is situated between the thorax and the abdomen.   They are most often placed into one of two groups:  the wingless workers and winged swarmers.   The swarmers include both males and females.   They will reproduce to continue the species.

Spot ID Key Characters:

  1. Peduncle located between thorax and abdomen — first (or first and second) abdominal segments separate from rest of abdomen
  2. Elbowed antennae
  3. Wingless workers; winged swarmers (reproductives)

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Order:  Hymenoptera

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