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Pronunciation:  [Bre·CON·i·dee]

Common Name:   Braconid Wasps

Description:   This is a family of mostly small, slender parasitoid wasps.   They have thread-like antennae with 16 or more segments.   They differ from ichneumon wasps (family Ichneumonidae) in have only a single recurrent vein in the front wing.   Many braconids are brown or black with a reddish abdomen.   Larvae are parasitoids of other insects and considered to be important biological control agents.


Spot ID Key Characters:

  1. Thread-like antennae with 16 or more segments
  2. Trochanters of hind legs are two-segmented
  3. Forewings with two recurrent veins
  4. Forewings with two small cells below the stigma

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Order:  Hymenoptera