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Pronunciation:  [Cic·a·DEL⋅li⋅dae]

Common Name:  Leafhoppers

Description:  Leafhoppers are small and vary in color. As a defense mechanism, their hind tibia is covered in small spines. They are found in many places such as shrubs, grasses, and flowers, but they principally feed on the leaves of plants. These insects have evolved several mechanisms that cause severe damage to the plants that they feed on. These mechanisms include reducing the amount of sap or chlorophyll, ovipositing in twigs, causing disease, stunting growth, and curling the leaves of the plant.

Spot ID Key Characters:

  1. Comb-like rows of large spines along tibia of hind legs
  2. Short, bristle-like antennae

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Order:  Hemiptera, suborder Homoptera

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