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Pronunciation:  [Skew·tell·AIR·i·dae]

Common Name:  Shield-backed Bugs

Description:  This family of phytophagous bugs is seldom abundant, but may be found on woodland vegetation.   They have a large, rounded scutellum that covers nearly all of the abdomen.   Many tropical species are brightly colored and known as “jewel bugs”.   Temperate species are usually drab in color.  Members of this family are much larger than ebony bugs (Thyreocoridae) and have tiny depressions or punctures all over the body.


Spot ID Key Characters:

  1. Body shield-shaped or broadly oval; strongly convex dorsally
  2. Five-segmented antennae
  3. Rounded scutellum covers entire abdomen and wings
  4. Ocelli present

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Order:  Hemiptera, suborder Heteroptera