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Common Name:  Mosquitoes

Description:  Mosquitoes are a distinct family of the Diptera order, with a long proboscis and scales that are present on the wing veins. Females have short maxillary palps with short hairs on the antennae. Another defining characteristic of adult mosquitoes is the humped back thorax. The females are the blood suckers and coincidentally, are efficient disease vectors worldwide. The larvae and pupae of mosquitoes are aquatic filter feeders and will feed on algae or organic debri.

Spot ID Key Characters:

  1. Piercing-sucking proboscis
  2. Scales on wing veins
  3. Hump-backed thorax
  4. Males with long maxillary palps and highly plumose antennae
  5. Females with short maxillary palps and less plumose antennae

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Order:  Diptera

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