Pronunciation:  [Serato·po·GONE·i⋅dae]

Common Name:   Biting Midges; “No-see-ums”;  “Punkies”

Description:  These are very small flies (about 1/25-1/10) inch long whose tiny, blade-like mouthparts make a painful wound far out of proportion to the insect’s size.  Welts and lesions from the bite may last for days.  The larvae of various species breed in a wide variety of damp or wet places high in organic matter. Most adults are attracted to lights.   These are important pests along coastal and mountainous areas and can seriously interfere with outdoor activities.


Spot ID Key Characters:

  1. Minute in size
  2. Gray or black body color
  3. Often with mottled wing pattern

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Order:  Diptera