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Pronunciation:  [Der·MESS·ti⋅dae]

Common Name:  Carpet Beetles; Skin Beetles

Description:  Most dermestid beetles are small (12 mm or less) and covered with tiny hairs or scales.   They have clubbed antennae that usually fit into deep grooves.    Most species are scavengers and feed on a wide variety of dry plant and animal material such as pollen, fur, feathers, dead skin, natural fibers, and leather.   They can be pests in homes and businesses where they may damage carpets, draperies, and other woolen fabrics.   A few species are also commonly found in flowers.


Spot ID Key Characters:

  1. Clubbed antennae
  2. Round, oval, or elongate-oval body covered with tiny hairs or scales
  3. Mostly gray, black, or brown in color and often with mottled patterning

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Order:  Coleoptera