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Pronunciation:  [Chry·so⋅MEL⋅i·dae]

Common Name:  Leaf Beetles

Description: Leaf beetles are smaller than other families of Coleoptera. Generally, they do not get bigger than 12 mm in length. In contrast to the Cerambycidae, their antennae are much shorter than the body itself. The most noticeable characteristic on this beetle is the 4 segmented tarsi, with the 3rd tarsal segments notched where they connect with the 4th. These beetles are phytophagous, but can act as leaf miners or feed on roots. Some species serve as pests by feeding, laying eggs, or living inside of formed galls on trees.

Spot ID Key Characters:

  1. Tarsi apparently 4-4-4
  2. 3rd tarsal segment bifid; notched for the terminal segment
  3. Body oval; colors variable

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Order:  Coleoptera